Dark Horse Crew

Garry Owen MC
First and formost we are a motorcycle club dedicated to helping veterans and the families of veterans. Some of the ways we do this is helping with heating fuels, food and sometimes arranging in concert with other organizations to help find them a place for their families to stay, or other special needs.
Our other purpose is to raise funds for the Garry Owen House. We do this by holding events and inviting the public to donate to our mission. We also invite the the public to hold events sanctioned by Garry Owen MC or Garry Owen House to help us raise funds for the construction of the Garry Owen House and the ability to continually support veterans in need.​
Garry Owen House​
Garry Owen MC founding members had a bigger dream, that was to create a place for homeless veterans to stay for extended periods of time til they are back on their feet and able to provide for themselves. That is where the idea  of the Garry Owen House got started. Garry Owen MC and Garry Owen House are two sides of the same coin.
The Garry Owen House has it own board or directors seperate from the Garry Owen MC but they work together closely so the Garry Owen House can come to fruition as soon as possible.
The Garry Owen House will be able to house 24 veterans full time. It will also have a commercial kitchen and a large communal dining and social area. The House will also be on 7 acres of land that the veterans can help grow food for themselves. They will be spending their time focused on improving the skills they need to get back on their feet such as find a steady job and shelter themselves.