Frequent Questions

Who is Garry Owen?​
Garry Owen isn't a who, it is an Irish tune, it was used as a marching tune, made more famous by General Armstrong Custer's 7th cavalry.​
How can I help you guys with the Garry Owen House or Garry Owen MC?​
There are a lot of things you can do like:   Come show your support by showing up to our rides and events.
                                                                           Make a donation.
                                                                           Buy some of our Garry Owen House or Garry Owen MC gear.
Is the Garry Owen House a Non-Profit?​
Yes they are, they have their 501c3 and are fully registered as a non profit at the state and federal level.
If I want to throw an event for the Garry Owen House or MC how should I do it?
First make contact with someone from the club, we have phone numbers and Email at the bottom of this page also have them on the trifold we hand out and most posters, getting in touch with our facebook also works.

Second whoever you contact will have to take a few days to discuss with club and they will respond as soon as they can, or if they happen to be busy with another project, someone who is free will take over contact with you and we will arrange a face to face.

Third once the event is being set up we will always have at least 2 members there to show our support and monitor the money to make sure it ends up helping veterans.